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Efudex follow-up for Basal Cell – day 7

Well, today seems to be the day when the Efudex effects are starting to become a bit more obvious!  One patch of dry skin (again, on the opposite side of my nose to my Basal Cell scar) has turned into more of a small scab (terribly attractive – looks almost like a stray bogey!) and the skin is looking a little more pink again. You can probably just about make it out on this photo. Covered with make-up, it looks really crusty and unattractive. Overall, the skin on my nose appears to be getting a bit more itchy but, totally bearable at this stage. Will be interesting to see how the pinkness develops – I’m not sure if this means the Efudex cream has detected pre-cancerous cells (other Basal Cell Carcinomas?) across my nose or whether this is just a side effect (apparently, Efudex can cause irritation of healthy skin too). Oh well, watch this space I suppose.

Came across another interesting article today that talks about the potential for vitamin D deficiency from avoiding the sun for fear of skin cancer.  Some good tips suggesting need to eat eat anti-oxidant rich foods to reduce skin damage from the sun including carrots, tomatoes and deep sea fish.  I’ve heard red wine is rich in antioxidants – I wonder if that’s as good. Now that I can do!

Efudex follow-up  treatment for Basal Cell Carcinoma

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