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Did you know Elisabeth Taylor had a Basal Cell Carcinoma? …

January 9, 2012 5 comments

… She had one removed from her cheek in 2002 apparently, as I discovered today.  Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) doesn’t discriminate: whoever you are, whatever your background, it can take hold if you’re not careful in the sun!

And, did you know that George Bush Senior used Efudex to treat pre-cancerous growths? I didn’t but the photo below allegedly shows the effect it had on his face. Just goes to show how extreme the effects of this treatment can be! Poor man.  I’m glad I didn’t have to go out in public looking like that as the skin on my nose never got quite that bad; a bit crusty in places yes but not quite as ‘angry’ looking as this.

Efudix and George Bush

Efudix takes hold on George Bush Senior's face.

Having gone through Efudix treatment, and come out the other end, has made me very reflective and driven my desire to find out as much as I can about Basal Cell Carcinoma, its causes and treatments.  And, in doing so, I came across this presentation which gives a good overview of the condition and talks about the different types of BCC. Worth a look.  Also, I’ve found this video showing the Mohs micro-graphic procedure being undertaken on a patient’s face. Not for the squeamish but lets you see in detail what the procedure entails. I had my BCC removed by Mohs and it helped (after the event, it must be said. I don’t think I could have gone through with the op if I’d seen this beforehand!) to understand how the specialist who performed my procedure was able to ascertain quite how much skin and tissue to cut out. A rather scientific and seemingly accurate process for ascertaining the degree of spread of a Basal Cell Carcinoma.


Efudix effects continue to hold!

January 5, 2012 7 comments

Another couple of weeks have gone by and still I can see the effects of the Efudex ointment!  Admittedly its only when I look close-up in the mirror, and particularly when I’m hot (and other people probably don’t notice at all), but I can still see the outline of where I applied the Efudix all the same. Long and short of it is that the skin on my nose is more pink than the rest of my face.  As I’ve said before, I know that the amount of time the skin takes to heal from Efudex ointment very much depends on the severity of reaction during treatment but I really had expected my nose to be totally back to normal by now! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not losing sleep over it and am certainly not locking myself away for fear of being seen out in public.  Heh, this is nothing – I’m glad I went through with the treatment and am thankful the Efudix has done its job.  I’m more curious than anything about how long the side effects of efudex can actually take hold for. Oh well, watch this space…

I’m still treating my nose with great care, gently moisturising it twice a day and have been taking a skin vitamin supplement in the hope that it’ll aid healing. And, I guess its working as my skin is no longer dry and my scar is looking pretty good.  I know I’ve probably been overly cautious but there you go, perhaps it was the right thing to do, who knows. Anyway, I’ve finally decided now’s the time to get back to facials. I’ve booked one for next week and am really looking forward to it. Let’s hope my nose thanks me for it!

Have recently come across this helpful online support group .  A really useful resource to share experiences and ask advice from others who have or have had a form of skin cancer. Its coming across sites like this that makes me realise what a wonderful resource the web is: its so great to be able to reach out and talk to others who understand what you’re going through, at the touch of a button. I’m going to add the link to my blog roll too for ease.

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