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Final Efudix day – day 21!

November 17, 2011 3 comments

I can’t believe it, my three weeks of applying Efudix is finally over! I’ve just applied my final cream. It feels so weird, having dominated my life so much for the last three weeks.

Luckily, I didn’t get the horrid burning sensation I was expecting each day when applying the Efudix – I literally expected to be crying out as it touched my skin! Ridiculous really, was totally psychological tied up in the fact that I knew it was essentially eating away at any pre-cancerous cells it detected so I expected it to physically burn as I applied it (because this would be evidence that it was working I suppose – as if the hideous redness and scabbing hasn’t been evidence enough!). My nose has felt ever so slightly sore to the touch occassionally but I certainly haven’t felt burning upon application thank goodness.

From tomorrow, I’ve got to apply Vaseline to my nose every day until the Efudix effects dissipate. Hopefully that will be very soothing but I don’t anticipate being able to apply make-up over Vaseline so will either have to hibernate or face up to going out looking burnt and scabby. Watch this space … Oh dear, that sounds so vain.  I need to stop being so and just be grateful that the pre-cancerous cells have been killed off by the Fluorouracil  and I’ll shortly be able to put this whole thing behind me!

Having read other people’s experiences, I don’t think I’m quite out of the woods yet – it would seem that the cream continues to have an effect even after you’ve stopped applying it, but the end is in sight and at least I don’t have to go through the rigmarole of applying it every day. Hoorah!

Final day of Efudix treatment

Efudix treatment ends at long last!


Efudix treatment nears an end

November 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, the good news is that tomorrow is the last day of Efudix for me – hoorah!  Something tells me that it’s not the end of the road though.  Take a look at today’s photo and you’ll see what I mean. Sorry, prepare yourself, it’s not pretty! I’m horrified looking at it myself. Efudix is a cruel beast!  Cruel only because my nose looks horrific – it’s actually not sore or painful in any way. To be fair, I’m really lucky – a lot of other people report wanting to ‘rip their faces’ off because their skin is so sore during treatment. I can only assume that my reaction is less severe because I’m only treating a small area of my face and, potentially, my sun damage isn’t as bad. The main thing is, the Fluorouracil is doing what it should be doing and this will all soon be behind me.

Efudix effects increase, day 19

November 15, 2011 Leave a comment
Effects of Fluorouracil after 19 days

More scabbing and dry skin from Efudix

Day 19 on Efudix and more of the same: more scabbing around the bridge of my nose, some more dry skin and the main scab is even worse looking and really itchy. The yellow monster scab was itching really badly in the middle of the night and I caught it with my nail whilst trying to gently scratch it – and it was sore! What’s my skin going to be like when this scab falls off? – looks like it’s going to be tender.

Getting more and more introspective by the day/feeling more and more sorry for myself. When I feel like that, I hit Google and take a look at other users ‘ Efudix blogs.  Just seeing pictures of other people going through the same thing and the effects that the cream has had on them makes me feel a bit better – it at least reassures me that what I’m experiencing is a perfectly normal reaction to Fluorouracil. And really hammers home how lucky I am that I’m only treating my face.

Came across another couple of interesting skin cancer articles today:

The evil’s of Efudix, day 18

November 14, 2011 3 comments
18 days of Efudix follow-up for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Evil Efudix causes extreme scabbing!

The scabbing on the right hand side of my nose is starting to get me down now – it’s looking more and more hideous every day. What’s that horrendous yellow colour all about? Even the skin erosion site has taken on a yellow hue.  I feel like a freak. And make-up is no longer doing the trick!

I also have what appears like an open sore forming on my septum which I’m really nervous about applying Efudix too – particularly after having re-read the instructions that highlight the fact that adverse reactions can occur as a result of Efudix cream entering the blood stream due to applying to an open sore.

Efudix attacks pre-cancerous cells – day 17

November 13, 2011 4 comments
Fluorouracil treatment effects day 17

Efudex causes sore bridge of my nose

My nose seems to have taken on a more uniform redness today and the bridge is starting to feel a bit sore.  As my nose gets redder and scabbier, the implications start to sink in – any skin that reacts to the Efudix is showing evidence of pre-cancerous cells that could have developed into a Basal Cell Carcinoma if left untreated! Whilst I expected the skin to react to the Fluouracil and for the effects to get worse over time, I’m still shocked (I’d go so far as to say overwhelmed) every time I look in the mirror.  It’s no surprise that my nose is taking on such a uniform redness really as my nose used to sunburn badly when I was younger and that’s what clearly caused the damage.

I just wish I could be more rational in dealing with this experience – I’m an intelligent woman, I’ve done my research so know how the Efudix works and what to expect but I’m still finding it difficult. I’m so emotional and find myself filling up with tears at the slightest thing – I guess I’ve got too much thinking time on my hands at the mo so need a distraction. The problem is I don’t feel very sociable – I’ve cancelled a couple of catch ups with friends for exactly that reason.  Must stop feeling sorry for myself and just get on with it …

Found an interesting piece of research today – a sleeping sickness drug that has a significant protective effect against basal cell carcinoma. Will be keeping my eye on developments.

Evil Efudix – day 16

November 12, 2011 2 comments
Basal Cell Carcinoma follow-up treatment with Efudex, day 16

Scab and skin erosion grow

As you can see in today’s photo, the scab on the right hand side of my nose has spread again today. It looks really unattractive – it’s taken on a yellow tinge that makes me look (and feel) unclean. And trying to cover it with make-up is pretty pointless – the make-up simply coagulates on the scab and just looks really crusty and horrible (the Efudix is greasy which doesn’t help). I had to go shopping today so did the best I could to cover it up, put on a peaked cap and pulled it down as low as possible in an attempt to shield as much of my face as possible but I still felt really self-conscious. I couldn’t get home quick enough.

The area of skin erosion seems deeper today.  And, the redness gives the impression that my nose is sore but, actually it isn’t – just itchy.

Thank goodness I don’t have to go to work at the moment and, don’t have to go out if I really don’t need to because this whole Efudix treatment really is making me feel manky.

15 days on Fluorouracil

November 11, 2011 2 comments
15 days of Efudix treatment

The boundary of redness spreads

Efudex? Efudix? ? I’ve decided to call it Fluorouracil today! And, today’s day 15…

It really is all starting to get rather routine now – Fluorouracil application in the morning,  Fluorouracil application in the evening and a photo session to round the day off!  Despite seeing my nose in the mirror several times a day, seeing a photo of myself with an increasingly grotesque looking nose somehow makes the whole treatment feel even more startling.

Surprise, suprise, my nose is generally looking more red today. And, I’ve started to get a new scab on the bridge of my nose. Oh, and just look at what’s happening to the scab under my right nostril – it seems to be turning a rather hideous shade of yellow!

Have been feeling rather sorry for myself again today and forced myself to go up the gym just to get myself out of the house. My nose generally goes rather red when I work out so you can imagine the state of it by the end of my session today! Let’s just say I had a number of sideways glances from my gym ‘buddies’!

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