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Another Efudex photo and another smile!

December 16, 2011 2 comments
Fluroracil Efudex treatment follow-up for Basal Cell Carcinoma on nose

Another smile at the wonders of Efudix cream!

A big, big picture and a big smile! Okay, so my nose still looks a little pink but the scabs have now fully gone and my nose no longer itches. And I’m happy that my Efudix journey is all but at an end. Who would have thought, looking at this, that just a few days ago my nose was red, blotchy and crusty from the Efudix Fluorouracil cream. It’s a strange substance – it took a week to take hold, reeked havoc on my nose when it did and within a few days of stopping the treatment, my skin’s approaching something near normal.

So, hopefully now any pre-cancerous skin cells that were on my nose have been killed off and my nose is taking its time to recover from the assault of the Efudix cream.  I can’t wait to have a facial and really treat my poor old nose.

I’ve no idea how long it’s going to take before my nose returns to the colour it was pre-Efudex – my dermatologist said is dependent on the severity of the reaction.  Whilst the reaction I experienced seemed severe to me, it clearly wasn’t – I’ve seen photos of others who have had much more startling results – so I hope full recovery isn’t too far off. I go back to see my dermatolgist in late February so he can check the healing of my Basal Cell Carcinoma scar and to discuss the Efudex effects. That seems like a long way off at the moment so, in the meantime, I’m going to treat my poor old nose with a little tlc …


Day 28 – what a difference a couple of days make!

December 11, 2011 Leave a comment
Skin effects after 28 days of Efudix treatment

The wonders of Efudix!

Well, a couple of days really does make a difference when it comes to Efudix – how much better does my nose look compared to my last post!  Only a very small amount of scabbing on the bridge of my nose now and it’s more pink rather than scarey red, which I can deal with.  The Efudix has clearly really dried the skin on my nose so I’m still plastering on the Vaseline.

And my Basal Cell Carcinoma scar is healing pretty well also which is good news.  I’m still massaging it daily as advised.  Not sure how long I’m supposed to continue doing so but, will continue until it appears to make no difference. I’m just amazed how well it’s doing considering the size of the wound I had immediately after the operation.  Just thinking back to those early days reminds me how far I’ve come and how well it’s healed. Happy days …

Efudix effects increase, day 19

November 15, 2011 Leave a comment
Effects of Fluorouracil after 19 days

More scabbing and dry skin from Efudix

Day 19 on Efudix and more of the same: more scabbing around the bridge of my nose, some more dry skin and the main scab is even worse looking and really itchy. The yellow monster scab was itching really badly in the middle of the night and I caught it with my nail whilst trying to gently scratch it – and it was sore! What’s my skin going to be like when this scab falls off? – looks like it’s going to be tender.

Getting more and more introspective by the day/feeling more and more sorry for myself. When I feel like that, I hit Google and take a look at other users ‘ Efudix blogs.  Just seeing pictures of other people going through the same thing and the effects that the cream has had on them makes me feel a bit better – it at least reassures me that what I’m experiencing is a perfectly normal reaction to Fluorouracil. And really hammers home how lucky I am that I’m only treating my face.

Came across another couple of interesting skin cancer articles today:

13 days and counting – Efudix takes hold

November 10, 2011 Leave a comment
Efudix effects after 13 days

First signs of Efudix skin erosion?

Unlucky for some – day 13 of my Efudix journey…

My nose is definitely getting redder, the scabbing on the lefthand side is spreading and it’s generally getting more itchy – whereas up until now my nose has been itchy in patches, it’s now itchy all over.  And is that an example of the ‘promised’ skin erosion just above the fleshy part of my nostril? I’ve been wondering what that actually means and what it might look like and I guess I now have my answer – the Efudix appears to be literally eating away at my skin, causing a small crater/ulcer-like ‘lesion’ (as I’m sure my consultant would refer to it). The question is how large and deep the ‘erosion’ is going to get. It’s clearly not going to be anything like the size of my ‘post-op crater’ (that really was crater-like!) but, I really do fear quite how bad it’s going to get. Must keep repeating the mantra – this just proves the Efudix is doing what it’s supposed to do!

It’s weird, I know the effects of the Efudix are minimal so far (I’m sure you’ve taken one look at my latest picture and thought ‘what is she whingeing about, her nose is a bit blotchy and scabby. It could be a lot worse), but for me it feels more and more significant by the day. There’s just something about looking in a mirror and seeing both the hideousness of what’s staring back at you and the reaction in the eyes looking right back at you!  It just keeps reminding me of the early days post-op and looking in the mirror only to see this seemingly huge, red ‘hole’ right in the middle of my face and wondering if I’d ever look normal again – in fact, wondering how on earth it was ever going to heal (I realise now – looking at my scar – that the human body has an amazing capacity for healing)! I said back then – and still believe now – that if the Basal Cell Carcinoma had been on any other part of my body, I think my reaction to it would have been entirely different. Afterall, you can cover other areas of your body with clothing and temporarily forget what you’re going through. Regardless, must keep reminding myself how lucky I am – at least I’m only treating my nose and not my entire face like a lot of people end up having to do.  I just don’t think I could cope with my entire face looking so bad.

Day 2 of my Efudex journey

October 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, a pretty uneventful day I suppose.  Another two doses of Efudix today and little obvious effect so far – no stinging or burning again and no redness as yet. I keep telling myself that maybe, just maybe, the whole three weeks will go this smoothly – perhaps my nose isn’t sun damaged after all and so the cream has nothing to attack. But, I know I’m kidding myself – of course I’m going to get some sort of reaction; it’s just a question of when and how severe.  Only time will tell …

No photo again today because, nothing to show.

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