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Efudix attacks pre-cancerous cells – day 17

Fluorouracil treatment effects day 17

Efudex causes sore bridge of my nose

My nose seems to have taken on a more uniform redness today and the bridge is starting to feel a bit sore.  As my nose gets redder and scabbier, the implications start to sink in – any skin that reacts to the Efudix is showing evidence of pre-cancerous cells that could have developed into a Basal Cell Carcinoma if left untreated! Whilst I expected the skin to react to the Fluouracil and for the effects to get worse over time, I’m still shocked (I’d go so far as to say overwhelmed) every time I look in the mirror.  It’s no surprise that my nose is taking on such a uniform redness really as my nose used to sunburn badly when I was younger and that’s what clearly caused the damage.

I just wish I could be more rational in dealing with this experience – I’m an intelligent woman, I’ve done my research so know how the Efudix works and what to expect but I’m still finding it difficult. I’m so emotional and find myself filling up with tears at the slightest thing – I guess I’ve got too much thinking time on my hands at the mo so need a distraction. The problem is I don’t feel very sociable – I’ve cancelled a couple of catch ups with friends for exactly that reason.  Must stop feeling sorry for myself and just get on with it …

Found an interesting piece of research today – a sleeping sickness drug that has a significant protective effect against basal cell carcinoma. Will be keeping my eye on developments.

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