15 days on Fluorouracil

15 days of Efudix treatment

The boundary of redness spreads

Efudex? Efudix? ? I’ve decided to call it Fluorouracil today! And, today’s day 15…

It really is all starting to get rather routine now – Fluorouracil application in the morning,  Fluorouracil application in the evening and a photo session to round the day off!  Despite seeing my nose in the mirror several times a day, seeing a photo of myself with an increasingly grotesque looking nose somehow makes the whole treatment feel even more startling.

Surprise, suprise, my nose is generally looking more red today. And, I’ve started to get a new scab on the bridge of my nose. Oh, and just look at what’s happening to the scab under my right nostril – it seems to be turning a rather hideous shade of yellow!

Have been feeling rather sorry for myself again today and forced myself to go up the gym just to get myself out of the house. My nose generally goes rather red when I work out so you can imagine the state of it by the end of my session today! Let’s just say I had a number of sideways glances from my gym ‘buddies’!

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