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13 days and counting – Efudix takes hold

Efudix effects after 13 days

First signs of Efudix skin erosion?

Unlucky for some – day 13 of my Efudix journey…

My nose is definitely getting redder, the scabbing on the lefthand side is spreading and it’s generally getting more itchy – whereas up until now my nose has been itchy in patches, it’s now itchy all over.  And is that an example of the ‘promised’ skin erosion just above the fleshy part of my nostril? I’ve been wondering what that actually means and what it might look like and I guess I now have my answer – the Efudix appears to be literally eating away at my skin, causing a small crater/ulcer-like ‘lesion’ (as I’m sure my consultant would refer to it). The question is how large and deep the ‘erosion’ is going to get. It’s clearly not going to be anything like the size of my ‘post-op crater’ (that really was crater-like!) but, I really do fear quite how bad it’s going to get. Must keep repeating the mantra – this just proves the Efudix is doing what it’s supposed to do!

It’s weird, I know the effects of the Efudix are minimal so far (I’m sure you’ve taken one look at my latest picture and thought ‘what is she whingeing about, her nose is a bit blotchy and scabby. It could be a lot worse), but for me it feels more and more significant by the day. There’s just something about looking in a mirror and seeing both the hideousness of what’s staring back at you and the reaction in the eyes looking right back at you!  It just keeps reminding me of the early days post-op and looking in the mirror only to see this seemingly huge, red ‘hole’ right in the middle of my face and wondering if I’d ever look normal again – in fact, wondering how on earth it was ever going to heal (I realise now – looking at my scar – that the human body has an amazing capacity for healing)! I said back then – and still believe now – that if the Basal Cell Carcinoma had been on any other part of my body, I think my reaction to it would have been entirely different. Afterall, you can cover other areas of your body with clothing and temporarily forget what you’re going through. Regardless, must keep reminding myself how lucky I am – at least I’m only treating my nose and not my entire face like a lot of people end up having to do.  I just don’t think I could cope with my entire face looking so bad.

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