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Day 4 of my Basal Cell and Efudex journey

Apart from a slight bit of itching – or did I imagine it/was it psychosomatic (because I’m expecting something to happen!)? – no change again today.  The one downside I’m finding of Efudex currently – admittedly a rather vain one in the circumstances – is that, because the cream is rather greasy, my make-up is clogging on my nose and doesn’t look particularly great. But, heh, a small price to pay – don’t know if I’ll even be able to/want to cover my nose with make-up as the treatment progresses and my skin reacts to the cream. But, so be it – treatment needs to continue.

Daily massaging of my Basal Cell scar seems to be going well – the scar is a little red with a slightly raised contour but, fabulous when I think back to the immediate aftermath of my treatment.  Clearly, leaving the scar to heal itself rather than having it stitched was the right approach.

Have done some more research on the web and found another couple of useful sites:

And, for something more detailed and complete with photos, The Skin Cancer Foundation’s site has a really good page on early warning signs for Basal Cell Carcinoma.

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