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Day 1 – treatment begins

And, we’re off! I have to apply Efudex twice a day and have completed my first day…

I was really anxious for my first application – for some reason, I was expecting the cream to really sting (to be fair, a lot of the blogs I’ve read talk about horrid burning sensations in the latter part of treatment so, I am expecting that at some stage). The instructions clearly state that:

  • you should only apply a thin layer
  • it should only be applied to areas as specified by your doctor
  • the cream should not be applied to broken skin

Now, I have a small red scar where my nose has healed following removal of my Basal Cell Carcinoma and, my consultant and the cream instructions tell me that the cream only affects ‘problematic’ (i.e. skin with pre-cancerous cells) and NOT healthy skin so I shouldn’t worry about getting cream on the scar. But I really worry about cream going anywhere near it, afraid that it will hurt – I found my recovery after Mohs surgery incredibly traumatic and put my fear down to that (I think I’ll write a page about that too as think it will be quite cathartic).

The cream instructions also state that untreated skin might also be affected and that you should wash your hands thoroughly after use. So, I was incredibly cautious and applied the cream little by little with a Q-tip rather than touching it. But, how thin is thin? – was I actually spreading the cream on too thickly if it stood out white against my skin? and, had I spread it out evenly across my nose or was it thicker in some places than others? did it matter? Well, after much fretting, I finally completed my application (all that fuss for such a small area of skin!) and didn’t feel a thing – either immediately or afterwards.  And I’ve completed a second application this evening – again without any side effects.  Another thing I don’t know the answer to is whether I should wash the cream off between applications or simply apply a new layer on top of the previous one.  As I’ve read that some people have experienced stinging when their skin comes into contact with water during treatment, I was a wuss and decided on the latter!

No photos today as nothing to suggest that I’m even using the cream.  Not sure how quickly I’ll start to notice changes so let’s just take it day by day …

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