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Preparing to start treatment

This is me prior to embarking on Efudex treatment.

For those of you who don’t know what Efudex or Basal Cell Carcinoma is, hopefully the accompanying pages will give you a bit more insight.

I’ve decided to start the Efudex treatment on my Basal Cell Carcinoma scar and my  nose from tomorrow.  I’ve decided that now is an appropriate time because I’ve just recently been made redundant and, as my consultant told me, I’m not going to want to fulfil many social engagements once the treatment really takes effect.  So, okay, I won’t be ‘interview presentable’ which may mean I miss out on a potential good job opportunity but, I figure that best to embark on treatment now rather than when I’m in work and HAVING to be social and meet people every day.

My consultant showed me photos of one of his clients towards the end of her treatment to give me an idea what to expect. And, since then I’ve viewed numerous blogs of other Efudex users and anything and everything about Efudex I can find on the web. Plus, I’ve intently read the instructions that come with the cream.

To say I’m apprehensive is a complete understatement.  All the photographs I’ve seen look really quite horrific and I’m expecting the worst. Luckily, I only have to treat my nose so, the results shouldn’t be quite as disturbing as others who have had to treat their entire faces.

It’s exactly BECAUSE I’m only treating my nose that I’ve decided to start this blog. I’m HOPING that the results will be a little less disturbing and therefore, maybe encourage others, for whom Efudex has been recommended, to commence treatment.

I hate having my photo taken at the best of times so this will be quite a chore for me.  I’m not a vain person but am not looking forward to seeing photos of me with a red raw nose, let alone sharing them with others. But, I’m determined to see it through so, come with me on my journey …

  1. Deborah
    November 2, 2015 at 8:32 pm

    Thank you for sharing on your blog. I too, will be starting my treatment after thanksgiving on my entire nose. now I know how each stage of treatment will go as each day goes by. I have brown eyes and did have brown hair now gray. I thought being that wouldn’t bother me being in the sun a lot. over many, many years. Wrong! Thanks again.

    • November 3, 2015 at 8:56 pm

      Hi Deborah. Best of luck with your treatment. Just think, it’ll be worth a few weeks of discomfort. And the good news is, your skin will return to normal.

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